Cuvée from Weißburgunder and Chardonnay, delicate white bread notes, delicate pear, compact splashy body, fine nutty in finish

expansion: stainlesssteel

alcohollevel: 13 %


Experience, can and creative power, this is the basic for a fine wine. And one ideal way one history. Of which there is a lot of awards of the new wine-trio from the winery IPSMILLER from Schrattenberg in the nordeast of the Weinviertel.

Taking the sounding name “Empress Sissi” offers the young winemaker Petra Donner-Ipsmiller the one fragrant white wine cuvée and two elegant red wine cuvées

Empress Sissi was not only the namesake, she was the inspiration for the wines. “I didn`t just want to make a “lovely” wine, I like a wine, who becoming justice the wonderful personality of Empress Sissi, describe Petra Donner-Ipsmiller her intention.

Empress Sissi wines

The crowning glory is the strong red wine cuvée “Edition” mysterios and poetic as to live times of the Empress Sissi. This wine is stored in premium small barrels and is designed with Swarovski stones on the bottle and is deliverd in noble presentbox. The “Edition” isyearly limited with 1854 bottles.

1854 was the year of Elisabeth`s fateful wedding with the Emperor Franz-Joseph. The Empress Sissi wines are on the hand one hommage to the remarkable woman to this century, on the other side is the mythos Sissi printed to Austrian wine tradtion – three wines, those are worthy of the monarchy


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Ipsmiller from Schrattenberg

The vinery Ipsmiller is already successful in the 8. generation to produce red and white wines. From generation to generation the knowledge and craftsmanship was transferd to produce healthy berries for full-bodied and harmonious wines. Even today our wines are manufactured according to the this quality recipe and handwriting.

Our privilege is to create wines with trinkflow, harmony and full bodied. The grapes must be cared over the whole growing period. For us is the grape healthy a must, only healthy and ripe grapes are the key for premium wine quality.


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